"Vintage Beat" Music-Themed Fine Art Print (Wine and Roses Series) by Gilat Ben-Dor


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"Such joyous sounds combining, the beat of bass, the strum of tunes, and the happy glug and clink of wine to celebrate this ripe and ready night!" - Gilat Ben-Dor

SERIES INFO: "Vintage Beat" is part of a series (Days of Wine and Roses series) that also includes "Merlot Muse" and "Crimson Path," and can be purchased on its own or in conjunction with the other pieces. This piece (the original watercolor) was featured at an exhibit at The Nash jazz venue in Phoenix, Arizona.


  • Giclee-style fine art print by Gilat Ben-Dor
  • Hand-leafed metallic accents by the artist, with silver leaf
  • Printed on high-quality watercolor paper
  • This fine art print is being sold UNFRAMED
  • Available in Small (approx. 8x10") or Large (approx. 11x15") 
  • Includes ‘About the Artist’ and ‘About the Artwork’ cards
  • Copyright remains solely with artist, including all reproduction and distribution
  • Please note: some color variation may occur from product images due to variations in computer/device color calibration