Dudleya Vintage: Wine and Ink ORIGINAL Desert Flora Painting by Gilat Ben-Dor


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The dudleya plant, with its artichoke-like core, offers an opportunity to appreciate the lush complexity of its design, and its rustic surroundings. This piece is part of the Desert Vintage series: desert flora painted in layers using aged wine, ink, and water washes. Even with smooth fine art paper, texture is built and a puckered character can be seen on the page.

"The smell of desert rain permeates the air as the sky turns a dusty rose. Nostalgic thoughts stir up memories of this road, driven before, ending in a rendezvous over aged wine, old friendships, and the wisdom in combining them." - Gilat Ben-Dor

© Gilat Ben-Dor. All rights reserved.

**PLEASE NOTE: This original painting, and the other 2 works in this series, are currently available through Art House Centro Gallery, 186 N Meyer Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701. Please contact the gallery at arthouse.centro@gmail.com or call (520)620-1725 for details.



  • Signed by artist Gilat Ben-Dor
  • 8"x10" unframed; approx. 15.5"x13" framed (Original only is sold as Framed)
  • FRAMED in solid wood frame with cream matting
  • Painted using aged wine on paper, which dries in a beautiful brown palette
  • Includes ‘About the Artist’ and ‘About the Artwork’ cards
  • Copyright remains solely with artist, including all reproduction and distribution rights
  • Please note: some color variation may occur between what you are seeing on the screen and actual painting due to variations in computer/device color calibration. Original wine paintings are an organic product and may also change in color and intensity over time.