Artist Gilat Ben-Dor

Artist Gilat Ben-Dor

Gilat Ben-Dor is a contemporary artist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her colorful work reflects her life philosophy of passion, autonomy and joyful living. Artistically, Ben-Dor’s focus is on rich color, luxe embellishments, and themes including women, music, society, culture, and the Arts, as well as symbols of nature. She works primarily in watercolor and ink, hand-painted silk, and high-texture mixed media canvases.

Ben-Dor obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fine Art at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, and studied fresco painting at L'Istituto Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy. She has also lived and studied art in Japan and Israel. Her works have been exhibited and collected internationally, most recently at Postales Desde El Limbo in Zaragoza, Spain. Her most recent solo exhibition, Mystical Jubilee, was shown at The Millet House Gallery in Mesa, Arizona December 2019 to January 2020.

Ben-Dor has authored three books about celebrating multiple passions, and in addition to her studio practice, has been a curator, a university faculty member in art and design, a life coach, speaker, and a wine sommelier. Find Gilat Ben-Dor on Instagram (@gilatbendor), Facebook (Page: Gilat Ben-Dor Fine Art), Etsy (Shop name: GilatSilkArt), or online at gilatbendor.com

Gilat Ben-Dor's books include:

The Confetti Path: 101 Ways to Celebrate Your Passions and Inspire Creativity (Gilat Ben-Dor Media, 2011)

The Rainbow Blueprint: An Action Journal for Those with Many Passions (Gilat Ben-Dor Media, 2011)

The Gusto Power® Workbook: Tactics and Strategies for the Multi-Passionate Professional (Gilat Ben-Dor Media, 2011)