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Gilat Ben-Dor - Artist and Speaker


In addition to being a successful professional artist, Gilat Ben-Dor is also the author of 3 books about creativity and living a productive, multi-passionate life. She is a seasoned professional speaker and presenter, and is a past Board Member of the National Speakers Association (Arizona chapter). 

Ben-Dor has a background in both Creativity Coaching and as Arts Faculty at multiple private universities. She holds an MBA and has extensive experience in creative entrepreneurship in various businesses, from coaching and consulting to being a 5-time certified sommelier and the former owner of a wine academy.

When it comes to living a creative life of multiple passions -- and sharing wisdom about it -- Gilat Ben-Dor walks her talk!

Available Formats

Gilat is available for both Virtual and In-Person (On-Site) presentations for your next event! Choose or combine the following formats:

  • Keynote speeches (including Commencement/Graduation speeches)
  • Presentations to professional associations, small businesses, and non-profits
  • Workshops pertaining to Gilat Ben-Dor art and/or books (see book details below)
  • 1:1 and small group coaching sessions
  • Consulting regarding creative challenges

Please contact Gilat Ben-Dor directly to schedule an exploratory call to determine an appropriate fit for your needs.  


Gilat Ben-Dor - Commencement Speaker

Topics & Presentations

Additional and customized topics available. Please contact Gilat Ben-Dor directly to inquire.

Living In a Fantasy: The Benefits of Imagination, Inspiration, and Creativity in Daily Life™

For many adults, daydreaming and coloring are regarded as child’s play. But what if we learned (or re-learned) the power of our own minds to reawaken a vibrant, creative way of life that has practical applications for productivity and success? In this lively overview, artist and multi-passionate Renaissance Woman Gilat Ben-Dor will take you on a journey into the colorful side of daily habits and perspectives that will bring fresh inspiration into your life.

Like a Diamond: The Brilliance and Benefits of Multi-Faceted Careers™

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that professionally, we must only do one thing and be one thing. But this shoe does not fit everyone, and holding back can short-change both ourselves and our organizations. This eye-opening keynote will reveal the untapped potential — and how to unleash it — from each individual, and how this immense pool of hidden talents can result in profitable partnerships and synergies.

Creative Nine-to-Five: Branching Out While Punching In™

Although specialists have traditionally been valued, the definition of a valued employee is rapidly changing. With economic shakedowns and a new corporate landscape, today’s MVE (Most Valuable Employee) can do more by calling upon all sides of themselves. This keynote combines case studies, personal experiences, and an uplifting message that celebrates the value employees offer their organization by being multi-faceted professionals.

GUSTO POWER®: Power Skills for the Multi-Passionate Professional™

Gilat’s signature keynote of her GUSTO POWER® coaching program, this presentation is ideal for both corporate and entrepreneurial groups. Through engaging stories, humor and pertinent case studies, the audience will take away a new understanding of the benefits of exploring our different sets of talents. Participants will learn simple, effective “Power Skills” they can apply immediately to increase personal satisfaction, workplace morale, and professional productivity.


Gilat Ben-Dor - 3 books

Gilat Ben-Dor is the founder of the Creative Coaching program, GUSTO POWER®: Life Design for the Multi-Passionate Professional™, as well as the following 3 books:

The Confetti Path: 101 Ways to Celebrate Your Passions and Inspire Creativity™

The Rainbow Blueprint: An Action Journal for Those with Many Passions™

The GUSTO POWER® Workbook: Tactics and Strategies for the Multi-Passionate Professional™

Books available on 

Please contact Gilat Ben-Dor directly for bulk orders. 



Ben-Dor's past speaking audiences include Mensa, The Art Institute of Phoenix, Meeting Professionals International (MPI-AZ), Women Writers of Scottsdale, American Wine Society (AWS), Hadassah (Arizona), SUNY Binghamton (New York), Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, and more.


Gilat Ben-Dor’s artist talks, keynote presentations, and her GUSTO POWER® personal and professional development program have helped many creative souls find focus and renewed motivation, while celebrating who they are. Here are what some of these brilliant professionals have to say:

Suzanne - testimonial

“Gilat is a leader in so many ways. She motivates others, including me, just by her sheer force of concentration, creativity and problem-solving abilities, tempered by practicality and enthusiasm. She kept me on track while allowing room for exploration.
Her diverse experience in different industries and ability to adapt her messages to varied audiences, from one individual to large crowds, is inspiring. Her resourcefulness and genuine willingness to help is a true asset. Gilat truly believes in helping each person help themselves become the best person they can.” 


-Suzanne Cohen
Corporate Communications
New York, NY

"Gilat moved fluidly between informative areas and injected humor at just the right time. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious!"

-Joanne Winter
Executive Director, Sunbelt Chapter 
Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

Eva - testimonial

“Gilat’s coaching has always been dead-on with great insight. Like a looking glass, she helps me clarify my vision and goals and is able to clearly see the situation from all angles.
I always see things in a new, improved light after speaking with Gilat. She is able to focus in on certain items that I hadn’t seen before which has an uplifting effect. She truly understands me, as well as my business, and most importantly, understands the journey of self-actualization we are all on!” 


-Eva Britt Pedersen
Creative Director of Eva Britt Design 
Whitefish, MT

“Gilat, you are incredibly talented! Through our coaching sessions, you were able to quickly recognize the strategy that was necessary for me to move forward. Your insights into my business situations have brought me clarity and ultimately, have led to winning over some lucrative deals. Thank you so much!”

-Richard Schultz
Real Estate Executive
Boston, MA

EG - testimonial
“Gilat is my inspiration! She exudes positive energy and motivated me to make great changes in my life. She is successful in her own right and generously shares her knowledge and experience with others.”

-Dr. Elissa B. Gartenberg (D.O.)
Family Physician
Scottsdale, AZ



 “Gilat, starting the very next day, I was already able to begin implementing some of the strategies we came up with during my coaching session with you. Since then, I have received two new client inquiries, and it’s only been a week! I feel I am well on my way to expanding my private practice.”

-Dr. Esti Rimmer
Newcastle, England