Artist Statement

Gilat Ben-Dor - Pomegranate detailBeauty and sincerity are the driving forces in my art, which is heavily influenced by my passions for music, travel, and exquisite experiences. As a former director of a wine academy, you will see wine and vineyard influences in my works, as well.

The colors, textures, and elegant ornamentation I adore using are souvenirs of my time living in Italy, Japan, and Israel. I love applying gold, copper, and silver leaf over rich colors in stimulating scenes, whether involving a figure, a tree of life, or – one of my favorite symbols of abundance – pomegranates.

I was also born with Synesthesia, a neural ability that allows a mental “cross-over” between the senses. I picture numbers as colors, for example, and certain smells can remind me of musical tones. This strange (but useful) quirk has helped enrich my art, not only in its end result on paper, silk, or canvas, but also during my creative process. From the type of music I listen to, to the taste in my mouth, everything influences the choice of color, mood, and even subject matter I reach for in that moment.

I believe in making our own luck, fortune, and happiness. And, despite all that may surround us in this world, I refuse – simply refuse – to accept a gloomy mindset, or spiritual defeat. I use paints, dyes, and inks to pave the road to a life well lived, not just for myself but for all those who wish to join me. You are cordially invited.