Policies for Gilat Ben-Dor Media LLC

Thank you for visiting gilatben-dor.com, owned by Gilat Ben-Dor Media LLC. Below is a listing of our policies. Please let us know if you have any questions.


REFUND & RETURNS POLICY: All sales are final and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. However, in the following cases, please notify us within 72 hours of receiving your order (per delivery records):

1. An error on our part regarding your specifications on record;
2. Item was defective or damaged upon delivery.

In these cases only, please be prepared to provide photos, order info and explanation of issue. Refunds in these circumstances will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may come through postal insurance funds. Refunds do not include shipping fees. Please note that any approved refunds will go back to original purchaser's payment method. Gilat Ben-Dor Media LLC reserves the right to choose to refund vs. re-create an artwork in above situations. 

Please note: Artistic variations such as color variations, drips, bleeds, and variations in hand-applied leafing and text are not considered defects. Gilat Ben-Dor Media LLC is not responsible for customer-side errors such as misspellings from customer-supplied information on customized artworks.

PRIVACY POLICY (click for separate page)

TERMS & CONDITIONS (click for separate page)

COPYRIGHTS: All copyrights herein are retained solely and exclusively by artist Gilat Ben-Dor unless a mutual, written agreement has been put in place.

By purchasing artwork, whether an original or a duplicate (i.e., a print, merchandise, etc.), you are purchasing the actual piece of artwork, and not its copyright. Therefore, you cannot duplicate, distribute, modify, or create derivative works of your purchased image. 

Gilat Ben-Dor reserves the sole and exclusive right to continue to sell, duplicate, distribute, and create derivative works and merchandise from all of her artworks and designs. This includes custom and commissioned artwork, and the creation and selling of prints and merchandise of an original artwork (i.e., painting) that has been sold. 

Please note that all of Gilat Ben-Dor's artwork has been registered with the United States Copyright Office prior to appearing on this website. 

No part of this website's contents (including images and text) may be duplicated without the prior, written consent of Gilat Ben-Dor.

No artwork, including commissioned works, shall be considered a "work for hire" or created through an employer/employee relationship with Gilat Ben-Dor. Purchase of artwork, including original art, does not constitute a transfer of copyright or usage licensure for duplication, distribution, or derivative works. 

COLOR VARIATIONS: Some color variation may occur from product images due to variations in computer/device color calibration, or due to variances in mixing of paints or dyes in separate batches. These are not considered defects.

RUSH REQUESTS: Due to the nature of certain art processes and customer demand, rush orders may not always be possible. Please check with us before ordering, if your order requires a rush deadline. We will try to accommodate whenever possible. Rush requests may incur an additional charge, which will be conveyed to you in advance. 

SILK ART: Gilat Ben-Dor has developed a careful, 15-step process to create her unique silk art pieces. Despite best efforts to replicate new pieces from her designs in the photos, no two batches of hand-mixed silk dyes come out the same way, and no two hand-drawn versions of a design will ever be the same. Celebrate the uniqueness of your one-of-a-kind item!

These color and design variations should be considered an expected, and valued, part of original silk artwork, as well as drips, splatters, dye spreads, etc. They are all a natural part of the process of silk art and are not considered errors or defects.

SILK CARE: Silk is generally durable but also requires quick yet special care when cleaning: Gilat Ben-Dor recommends washing your silk piece BY HAND in cool to lukewarm water and a small amount of liquid soap, then rinsing, and drying flat, away from direct sun or heat. 

IRONING: Iron on cool (or "silk") setting, INSIDE OUT, keeping iron moving every 3-4 seconds or your best judgment. Gilat Ben-Dor Media LLC is not responsible for silk damage caused by user or 3rd party cleaning/ironing/pressing.

DEEP COLOR DYES - IMPORTANT CARE NOTE: When hand-washing, drying, storing or ironing your dyed silk piece, please keep it away from other items of importance (i.e., fabrics, furniture, “good” towels, etc.) as – despite multiple rinsings in the silk painting process – some residual dyes may remain bleedable. This generally may occur only when the silk is wet or dampened, and should not be a problem when using the piece when dry.

CUSTOM & PERSONALIZED ARTWORK: In the course of creating certain custom artwork, customer will be asked to provide information, such as names and dates to be included in the artwork. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER to ensure that spelling, grammar, capitalization, date formats, and all other specifications are correct. Although efforts may be taken to clarify when possible, please be prepared for your customization information to appear EXACTLY as you have indicated.

Any corrections or re-prints may incur a charge, including the full re-purchase price, depending on the situation (i.e., if it has already gone to the Fine Art Printing process, already embellished with metal leaf, shipped, etc.). 

More details are available on the Refund & Return Policy page, but please note that there are no refunds or exchanges on custom artwork or personalized art/gifts.


DAMAGE OR LOSS DURING SHIPPING: Please see the Refund & Return Policy above. 

TICKETED EVENTS & ATTENDANCE POLICY: This policy will be updated with the next ticketed event. Please check back again. 

Additional policies pertaining to specific areas of business, such as Gilat Ben-Dor workshops, events, corporate team-building, and the design trade program, will be enumerated as part of individual client agreements.