Commissioned & Custom Artwork Policies

Commissioned, Custom & Made-to-Order Artwork Policies

Thank you for your interest in a custom or commissioned artwork by Gilat Ben-Dor.

Gilat takes great pride and pleasure in creating artwork that delights her collectors. Since the success of commissions depends on clear communication between artist and client, please note the following policies:

1. Due to the personalized nature of such artwork, we are unable to provide refunds, returns or exchanges, including requests for edits, modifications or “re-do’s” after the parameters have been submitted and the work has begun. It is the client’s responsibility to provide correct text/spelling and other specifications at time of order.

2. Variations in color, line, spacing, and natural artistic elements such as drips and brushstroke variations are all considered a part of the unique artistic process that goes into creating each piece. These are not considered defects, and should be an expected part of ordering artwork created by hand. Please also note that some color variations may occur from the mixing of one batch of paints or dyes to another, as well as between a computer monitor view, printed view, and the original artwork.

3. Commissioned and made-to-order artwork by Gilat Ben-Dor, including custom concepts, designs, and personalization, is not considered a "work for hire" or employee arrangement. As such, Gilat Ben-Dor retains sole copyright to her work unless expressly transferred over by her in writing. Her rights include all duplication, distribution, creation of derivative works, and publication of said commissioned work, including online, on social media and in print (client may remain anonymous by request). Gilat Ben-Dor reserves the right to re-use design concepts and elements, in whole or in part, in her other works.

4. Unless expressed otherwise by Gilat Ben-Dor in writing (on a per-case basis), Gilat Ben-Dor reserves the sole and exclusive right to re-sell prints, merchandise, and/or any other forms and versions of her creations, including custom creations and commissioned artwork. Please note: Client is purchasing ownership of the physical original of the artwork (i.e., a painting for décor/display purposes), not the copyright to the image.

5. Prices quoted do not include tax and shipping, which may be charged if applicable. Extra charges for customized artwork may also apply. All such fees will be readily disclosed prior to any transaction. Policies subject to changes/updates; please check with Gilat or on for latest version.


In the course of the creation of custom artwork, there may be customer requests for artwork to be created based on photos, such as of pets, people, or houses and buildings. To respect the copyrights of others, we will only utilize reference photos provided with a written copyright release.

Such orders, and photos, MUST be accompanied by the following text : "I, [customer's full name], am the sole copyright holder of this photo/these photos of [subject name/description], or I am authorized to utilize these photos for the purpose of creating a related and/or derivative artwork. I am willing and able to supply Gilat Ben-Dor Media LLC with written proof of this authorization, if needed.")