Custom Art Gifts

Life is made of moments and memories; milestones that we honor with those we care about. But once the cake has been eaten, and the photos posted for all to see, what is left of that special achievement or life event? 

Artist Gilat Ben-Dor specializes in creating lasting mementos through beautiful art gifts, unique to the recipient through lush artistry and careful customization. Gilat's Israeli background allows her to create artwork with either English or Hebrew text, or a combination, for those interested.

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4:

1) Choose the occasion you wish to commemorate

2) Click on your favorite design

3) Choose your artwork size

BONUS: Add an optional touch of metallic accents for a luxurious result! Choose from Dutch gold, silver, or copper, which will be hand-applied by the artist herself using a traditional Renaissance technique.

4) Customize it! Immediately after placing your order, email us to include the text details specified, and make this gift exceptionally personalized and utterly unforgettable! Email us at 

Gilat Ben-Dor offers art gifts for almost any occasion, from birth to marriage, new homes to anniversaries, business blessings to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and so much more. Click on any occasion below to get started creating your own memorable gift -- including something for yourself!

Housewarming Art & Home Blessings

Baby and Children's Blessings

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Art Gifts

Wedding Art - Ketubahs (artistic marriage certificates)

Wedding Art - Chuppahs (hand-painted silk wedding canopies)

Wedding Art - Wedding Date Art Gifts

Anniversary Ketubahs

Anniversary Art Gifts

Business Blessings by Profession (Business Owner, Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, etc.)