"Anticipation" Abstract Fine Art Print by Gilat Ben-Dor


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"When will it happen? How will I know? How can I prepare for it, or is that the lesson within? I hope it won’t hurt; I hope it makes me smile. I know growth is good, but I feel butterflies. I can do this. It’s coming. I feel it now." - Gilat Ben-Dor

SERIES INFO: "Anticipation" is part of  the Liquid Thoughts series, consisting of 6 abstract, alcohol ink artworks by Gilat Ben-Dor. This series also includes "Belonging," "Ecstasy," "Reflection," "Vim and Vigor," and "What They Say." The piece you are viewing is a fine art print of the original, and can be purchased on its own or in conjunction with the other prints from the series. Click here to view the ORIGINAL artwork of this series (pending availability). 


  • Giclee-style fine art print by Gilat Ben-Dor
  • Hand-leafed by the artist with silver leaf
  • Printed on high-quality fine art paper
  • This fine art print is being sold UNFRAMED
  • Currently available in size based on the original, approx. 9"x12"
  • Includes ‘About the Artist’ and ‘About the Artwork’ cards
  • Please note: some color variation may occur from product images due to variations in computer/device color calibration

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