Peach Quark II: Energy Series - Abstract watercolors by artist Gilat Ben-Dor


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As an artist, it is second-nature for me to process, envision, and express concepts in a visual manner. To have an art exhibit focused on the theme of "Energy" represents an exciting opportunity to interpret and create works based on a wide spectrum of possibilities. To me, this free-form aspect reflects the 'invisible' aspects of energy, and allows for wide interpretation in its many iterations.

Since energy is not just something to be "imagined" but also science-based, it allows (and demands) for a baseline of reference and inspiration towards these artistic departures. In this vein, I researched quarks from the lens of an artist, and became inspired to share a qualitative version of what these particles evoked for me. I deliberately created these in series to represent the ever-changing flow, motion, and position of these elusive particles.