Pomegranate Flame - Original Judaic Painting on Canvas by Gilat Ben-Dor


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This painting has since SOLD but please contact us directly for commissioned recreations in this style.

In Pomegranate Flame, Gilat Ben-Dor incorporates rich symbolism, from pomegranates of abundance and fertility to the “Ner Tamid,” or eternal flame. The blue bird is a variation of the Dove of Peace (“Shalom”), and the white text is of a well-known excerpt of Hebrew poetry from the Song of Songs. Also known as the Song of Solomon, this is a rare poem about love that appears in the Old Testament.

This work continues to be viewable through March 2022 via a virtual exhibit: Pomegranate Flame is one of my two works currently on virtual exhibit with the Greater Phoenix Economic Council(GPEC). The exhibit title is “The Ties That Bind,” featuring art representing each Arizona artist’s personal heritage. 

Pomegranate Flame by Gilat Ben-Dor, 24”x36”x1.5” Mixed Media & Silver Leaf on Canvas.


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