"Trumpet Lily" Music-Themed Fine Art Print (Autumn Nocturne Series) by Gilat Ben-Dor


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"As she meandered amid the green and fragrant woods, she came upon a clearing. In that sun-dappled space there were not only birds chirping, but a veritable orchestra, gentle like soft chimes. And she suddenly realized the music was coming from the lilies." - Gilat Ben-Dor

SERIES INFO: "Trumpet Lily" is part of a series (Autumn Nocturne series) that also includes "Foliage Forte" and "Fall Into Rhythm," and can be purchased on its own or in conjunction with the other pieces. 


  • Giclee-style fine art print by Gilat Ben-Dor
  • Hand-leafed metallic accents by the artist, with copper leaf
  • Printed on high-quality watercolor paper
  • This fine art print is being sold UNFRAMED
  • Available in Small (approx. 8x10") or Large (approx. 11x15") 
  • Includes ‘About the Artist’ and ‘About the Artwork’ cards
  • Copyright remains solely with artist, including all reproduction and distribution rights
  • Please note: some color variation may occur from product images due to variations in computer/device color calibration